QCAD Seminar - John Long, QuEra

QCAD - John Long

Event Date

1003 Kemper Hall

Speaker: John Long, QuEra

Title: Building Software for Neutral Atom Quantum Computers

Abstract: Neutral atoms are a promising candidate in the race to build large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers owing to their ease of scalability and long-lived qubits. The path to this regime has seen the creation of machines dedicated towards Analog Hamiltonian Simulation where users define a Hamiltonian of interest to apply on a custom layout of atoms.
However, a new mode of operation demands new tools to enable users to fully harness the new capabilities provided to them. In this talk I will focus on my contributions to such tools, particularly Bloqade, QuEra Computing Inc.’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Neutral Atom Quantum Computing, as well as some of the math I use in my role as a Scientific Software Developer working on Bloqade.

Bio: John Long is currently a Scientific Software Developer for QuEra Computing Inc. focused on developing QuEra Computing’s Bloqade software for neutral atom quantum computation and working on ways to make neutral atom quantum computing more accessible. John is also a UC Davis alumnus, graduating Class of 2022 with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) as well as being Workshop Director for QCaD from 2019 to his graduation.