UC Davis Quantum Journal Club

Quantum Journal Club

Founded in Fall 2019, Quantum Journal Club is a monthly interdisciplinary seminar series on Quantum Information and its increasingly prominent role in academic and industrial research.


The Quantum Journal Club will explore a variation of the standard format of a topic-oriented Journal Club. A topic of common relevance will be identified and two speakers will alternately present and discuss with the audience its major experimental and theoretical aspects. Each of them will have 20 minutes to present and 10 minutes to answer specific questions from the audience. After the talks, we will open the discussion to the audience for 30 minutes. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.


Given the wide variety of topics under the quantum umbrella, the primary goal of the Quantum Journal Club is to start and sustain a community-based, intra-, and inter-departmental discussion.
Secondary goals include:

  • Foster collaboration among various departments at U.C. Davis
  • Provide a space where students with different backgrounds can gain appropriate knowledge, find important resources and engage in ongoing scientific debates about quantum topics
  • Stimulate a more comprehensive study of Quantum engineering, physics, and math, which includes the perks of both the experimental and theoretical approaches.




Ariadna Venegas-Li, Sanchayan Dutta, Rijuta Ravichandran, Pranta Saha, Victoria A. Norman


Ariadna Venegas-Li, Fabio Anza, Rijuta Ravichandran, Pranta Saha, Victoria A. Norman


Ariadna Venegas-Li, Fabio Anza, Victoria A. Norman