QuIST Seminar - Anirudh Krishna, Stanford University

Anirudh Krishna

Event Date

1127 Kemper Hall

Speaker: Anirudh Krishna, Stanford University 

Title: Hierarchical memories: Simulating quantum LDPC codes with local gates

Abstract: Constant-rate low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are promising candidates for constructing efficient fault-tolerant quantum memories. However, if physical gates are subject to geometric-locality constraints, it becomes challenging to realize these codes. In this paper, we construct a new family of [[N,K,D]] codes, referred to as hierarchical codes, that encode a number of logical qubits K = \Omega(N/\log(N)^2). The N-th element of this code family is obtained by concatenating a constant-rate quantum LDPC code with a surface code; nearest-neighbor gates in two dimensions are sufficient to implement the corresponding syndrome-extraction circuit and achieve a threshold. Below threshold the logical failure rate vanishes superpolynomially as a function of the distance D(N). We present a bilayer architecture for implementing the syndrome-extraction circuit and estimate the logical failure rate for this architecture. Under conservative assumptions, we find that the hierarchical code outperforms the basic encoding where all logical qubits are encoded in the surface code.

This is work done together with Chris Pattison and John Preskill. It is based on the paper arXiv:2303.04798.