QuIST Seminar - Lin Tian, UC Merced

Lin Tian QuIST

Event Date

1127 Kemper Hall

Speaker: Lin Tian, UC Merced

Title: Quantum many-body state preparation in a Jaynes-Cummings lattice

Abstract: Preparing quantum many-body states with high fidelity is an intriguing question in quantum computing and quantum simulation.  The challenge in preparing a desired many-body state results from the lack of knowledge of the energy spectrum, the rapid decrease of the energy gap with system size, and the intrinsic complexity of many-body states in strongly-correlated systems.  Here we will discuss several quantum control approaches for the generation of many-body states in a Jaynes-Cummings (JC) lattice. We will compare the effectiveness of these approaches and the possible connection to the quantum speed limit. As a JC lattice can be implemented in practical devices such as superconducting quantum systems, defects in optical cavities, and trapped ions, it can be an ideal testbed to study questions in many-body state preparation.


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