Announcing QuIST Seminar Series for Fall 2023

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Announcing QuIST Seminar Series for Fall 2023

Quick Summary

  • A seminar series at UC Davis features renowned speakers in quantum information science and technology

We are delighted to announce the Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuIST) Seminar series for Fall 2023. This interdisciplinary speaker series is aimed at graduate and advanced undergraduate students in engineering and science departments. This seminar series will pave the way to understanding research topics pursued internationally by renowned researchers in the community. The series will take place at 1127 Kemper Hall on Tuesdays 2-3 pm.

The list of QuIST Seminar speakers

10/10/2023 Anirudh Krishna, Stanford University 

10/17/2023 Shuo Sun, JILA/CU Boulder

10/24/2023 Marina Krstic Marinkovic, ETH Zurich

10/31/2023 Diego Fallas Padilla, Rice University

11/14/2023 Lin Tian, UC Merced

12/05/2023 Bill Huggins, UC Berkeley